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Our Newsletter


January 4, 2010

"A wonderful store with very knowledgeable employees. I currently live in VA but go home to NY often and stop by to stock up."

Wendy, Virginia


June 21, 2011:

"I was on google looking for an iridologist in Las Vegas, Nevada that was a Nature Sunshine representative that could help my cousin with a medical problem that she has been suffering with for over the last two years. She has lost a severe amount of weight, and has to eat very small portions of food because it makes her sick and spends two to three hours in the shower lying on her back because that's the only relief that she finds dealing with the pain that she has.

Needless to say, Faith Luce's in New York information popped up so I felt lead to give her a call to ask her if she could recommend an iridologist in Vegas.  Of course, she asked me what was the problem and what was my cousin's name.  She proceeded to do a muscle test over the phone and stated to me that the parasites that we thought she had wasn't the problem and that the pain was in her right side. Faith agreed to talk to my cousin over a three way conference call.

After my cousin gave her a few of her symptoms, she proceeded again to explain to her every symptom that she was having. Faith told her it was her ileocecal valve and that she needed to close it. She instructed her on how to close it, told her three herbs to purchase to get her stomach well and agreed to send her instructions through the mail. Thank you Faith for being intuned with your spiritual arena and for allowing GOD to use you to help others. You are greatly appreciated. We will also give you an update."

Gloria, Michigan


December 2, 2011:

"Thank you for the probiotic info on the sinus infection...... cleared it up!"

Krista, New York


December 28, 2011:

"Everyone here has been battling little colds, and I feel like I have it, but it is not bad at all and is not keeping me down.  I think it's because of the supplements!  Otherwise, I'd feel awful!  Normally getting out of bed is a struggle; then it's all a struggle to have the energy to do anything, non motivated, and lazy.  I got up early today and went to the store while everyone else slept, changed the kitty litter, did the dishes, and got the boxes and trash from the Christmas mayhem out to the garbage bins.  All before 9 am!  Who am I???  I told Greg, 'I am not lazy afterall.  Turns out it was probably due to an underactive thyroid'.''

Melanie, Springfield IL