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Herbs R-4-U, Inc. was launched on January 15, 1998. We provide integrative health care. The meaning of this is that we believe doctors have Herbs R-4-U, Inc. 1465 Foote Ave., Jamestown, NY 14701their place and are necessary in our culture today. However, doctors are not the entire picture. There are several other alternatives to holistic health.

The body continually seeks to be balanced and there are numerous ways to achieve this. We pride ourselves with the individual attention each customer is given.

Whether you are just browsing on our website or want clearer direction for your health, knowledgeable and professional help is here.

How does one get interested in starting/opening an herbal shop?

For many people, it is their story. They had an illness or a condition that could not be helped with conventional medicine and they used alternative methods to find their way to better health. For us, our story is different. In the late 1990's, while on vacation in North Carolina, I stopped at an herbal shop on my way to Myrtle Beach to see if they carried a particular brand of product that I used back home.

While there, I started talking to the owner/proprietor about some health issues my children were having. He provided me with information on how to use alternative methods to address their health concerns. I decided that would be a wonderful thing to do in my hometown. To open an herbal shop that would provide people, not only with top-of-the-line supplements, but a place they could discuss their health concerns and find answers.

And so Herbs R-4-U, Inc. was launched. It has been a rewarding and interesting journey. We have been in business twelve years now and continue to learn and provide up-to-date information for people who choose to use alternative methods for their health conditions.

Our business continues to expand as more and more people decide to seek alternative modalities to address their health concerns. That is why we chose to start a website so we can reach others outside our immediate area.
Fath LuceMy name is Faith M. Luce and I am the owner of Herbs R-4-U, Inc.. Seeing people find answers to their health concerns and realizing there are many different ways to meet the needs of the body has been extremely rewarding.

Our business has grown as our loyal customers bring in their friends and acquaintances for assistance. I now travel extensively and teaching people about natural health has become my passion and my reward. There is a dedicated staff at Herbs R-4-U, Inc. who are ready and willing to help you and answer your questions.

Browse our website and see for yourself all that is available to you. We have a list of frequently-asked questions for you to peruse. We carry a complete line of Nature's Sunshine Products, Nature's Plus and several other assorted brands of products.

" We pride ourselves on our education; on the various and many products we carry and that we are here to assist you in your search for better health through alternative health remedies.
Let your journey begin here."