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Enzymatic Therapy

enzymatictherapy1.jpgEnzymatic Therapy® has always been - and continues to be - a pioneer of science-based supplement development, and from the beginning, we embraced a pharmaceutical-minded commitment to quality.

"Whether you look at our selection of raw materials, our product development and lab work, or the moment we ship products out to retailers, Enzymatic Therapy's extensive quality control measures give consumers confidence they are getting the product they are paying for. Simply put, it's about trust and results."
              -Bob Doster, Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Our Laboratory and Quality Control Department
The Laboratory and Quality Assurance Department (with a professional staff boasting a range of backgrounds including chemistry, biology, food safety, and pharmaceuticals), monitor and test ingredients throughout the manufacturing process.

Before processing any raw material, we hold the material through a "quarantine" period. As part of this inspection process, we use a variety of test methods, including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AA), and other chromatographic techniques, along with microbiological analysis, to ensure the purity of every ingredient.

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